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King Whetstone KW-65 Combination

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King Whetstone KW-65 Combination Description : Japanese Home Whetstone, KING Combo KW-65 #1000/#6000 This is a Japanese Home Whetstone, KING Combination KW-65 #1000/#6000 for Medium / Final Sharpening. Made in Japan. Comes with Holder and Clear Case. Convenient 2 layers Combination Whetstone for Sharpening(Medium#1000) and Final Sharpening(Fine#6000). This is designed for any Plane blades, Sickle, Chisel, Kitchen knives, Carvers knives, etc. Medium Sharpening #1000/Medium Final Sharpening #6000/Fine Size 7.3"(18.5cm) x 2.5"(6.3cm) x 1.0"(2.5cm)