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King Whetstone K-80 Combination

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King Whetstone K-80 Combination Description : This is a Japanese Kitchen Whetstone, KING Combination Stone K-80 #1000/#250 Made in Japan. Convenient 2 layers Combination Whetstone for sharpening (Rough#250) and final-finishing (Medium#1000). This is used for any knife including Stainless blade, forged cutlery Steel, etc. Front Side(Brown) KING Deluxe #1000 Medium Bottom Size(Green) GC #250 Rough Size 8.1"(20.5cm) x 2.1"(5.3cm) x 1.0"(2.6cm) Please put it into water for about 2 mins before you use and sharpen your knife or any other tool with enough water inside. Firstly, sharpen by GC#250 (Green) and then finish by KING Delux #1000(Brown). Do Not drop, throw or hit it or it will be broken. Please set it in unmoved condition and follow proper instructions. Please take care of the blade of your knife while sharpening.